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Apr 22

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Vote for my Idea for #Marriott A DJ on the weekends - Work and Play Idea -

Apr 7
Work & Play
Apr 7

So I’ve been mulling over older R&B Music lately. Love the definition of the thought put behind creating this timeless music.

My mixing is very lax. I apologize but it is 2:42 AM on the East Coast.

1. Cherrelle & Alexander O’neal - Saturday Love
2.Stevie Wonder - That Girl
3. Imagination - Just An Illusion
4. The Jones Girls - Nights over Egypt
5. Cameo - Back & Forth
6. Midnight Starr - Midas Touch
Time : 24m 08s

Artwork coming soon

My love is broken

Apr 6
Apr 4

@JustinSnyderFL: In last 4 years #SCOTUS has made it far easier for 1% to buy an election & far harder for 99% to vote in one. Yeah, let that sink in #sayfie
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Apr 3
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